Trinohex Ultra

Trinohex® Ultra is high-purity 1,3,6-hexanetricarbonitrile, an electrolyte additive proven to improve the performance and extend the life of high-voltage lithium ion batteries. Trinohex Ultra works by forming a protective film around the cathode, which prevents metal ion dissolution, decomposition of the electrolyte and hydrogen fluoride attack on the cathode.

Key attributes

  • Unique nitrile chemistry
  • Non-hazardous
  • High boiling point of 408°C and a low freezing point of -23°C
  • Globally available
  • Improves battery performance and life


EV batteries and energy storage

Research has shown that adding Trinohex Ultra to Li-ion electrolyte solutions:

  • Improves battery life by up to 20% in high-nickel cathode chemistries.
  • Reduces harmful gas generation by up to 30% for every 50 cycles.


Forms a stable cathode-electrolyte interphase

Reduces gas formation

Improves battery cycle life and performance

Globally registered and available

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